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Re: [IP] storing insulin in reservoirs

For some of us 1 unit is significant.
On Apr 18, 2011, at 5:14 AM, Mitzner, Wayne wrote:

> There's a good reason you haven't heard this before, Alan  -- it's simply
> not true.  When the insulin warms from a fridge to room temperature,
> dissolved air comes out of solution.  But it's hardly enough to be too
> concerned about.  For example, in my 3 mL reservoir (which I always keep
> filled in the fridge), about 9 microliters of air will come out of solution
> as it warms to room temperature.  That's not much of a bubble.  Even if you
> didn't notice it and get rid of it, 9 microliters of insulin is less than
> one Unit of insulin.  And if you have a smaller reservoir, the bubble is
> proportionally smaller as well.
>> Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 18:26:25 -0700
>> From: Alan Segal <email @ redacted>
>> Subject: Re: [IP] storing insulin in reservoirs
>> "As insulin warms up it gives off excess oxygen"
>> I never heard that before. That could explain the bubbles some people are
>> getting. Thanks very much for this post!
> .

Sue Ann Bowling, Author of Homecoming (Reader Views Literary Awards Winner)
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