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Re: [IP] Medigap payments

Jan H wrote:

>Sorry!!! Miscalculated. It is $659.29 4x a year for the Medigap making it
>over $2,400.00. Got an extra goose egg in there. Please give me that many
>lashes with a wet noodle (not needle).

Wish I could get insurance that cheap!  I've got 5 more years to 
Medicare, and then who knows what it will be then?  Right now, I pay 
nearly $400 per month but I get no dental, no vision, no doctor visit 
coverage of any kind, limited preventive coverage (that only deemed 
by what's in Obamacare), no prescription coverage, $1,000 deductible 
and 30% copay.  This was the best I could get with a pre-existing 
after losing my job (and I was very lucky to get this!)  COBRA was 
NOT an option due to not qualifying, neither my husband or myself.

This is the thing that scares me the most right now.  Insurance 
coverage, medical care costs.  I will be 60 this year.  I never, in 
my youth dreamed I would end up in this position.  My husband and I 
both worked hard all our lives, since we were teenagers..  So, those 
of you who are younger, please take to heart that what you think you 
might have may not turn out to be what you end up with.

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