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Re: [IP] storing insulin in reservoirs

All the Medtronic Educator told you may be accurate. I have been 
pre-filling, storing in the fridge for several years. I take the single 
reservoir out and allow it to get to room temp a couple hours prior to using 
it. If there were no bubbles in the reservoir by the time I was ready to 
connect it to the line then I had no bubbles subsequently.
So far; that has been my experience with prefilling reservoirs and storing 
the in the refrigerator or in the ice chest when on a road trip.
If there are any bubbles inside the reservoir; I pump them out when priming.

As for changing infusion site I agree with her. When I first used the pump 
22+ years ago I did not change for 7-10 days. I built up a lot of scar 
tissue. Now I change as needed. I never go more than 4 days in a single 
site; sometimes 2-3 days depending on site condition.
Love my MIO.

dx 1949

> Just had a local insulin-pumpers support group meeting on Thurs.  We had a 
> Medtronic salesperson/educator.  She is also a pumper herself.  The 
> subject of prefilling reervoirs came up. She said to NEVER store prefilled 
> reservoirs in the refridgerator.  As insulin warms up it gives off excess 
> oxygen.  If you pull a cold reservoir out and put it in your pump you will 
> end up with air in your tubing and in you.  She also said she would not 
> suggest prefilling reservoirs for very long.  The black ring is not made 
> to stay wet for a very long time and could begin to disintigrate.  When 
> asked she did admit to wearing her sensors for 6 days but, said she would 
> never wear an infusion set for longer than 3 days.  She's seen too many 
> problems caused by extended use. She also showed us the new Mio infusion 
> set.  You can see it on the Medtronic website, if your interested.  It now 
> has 3 sizes of tubing.  She said the new smaller size is really made for 
> children though.
> Babs
> Diabetic 46 years Pumper 11 years CGM 3 years
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