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Re: [IP] storing insulin in reservoirs

Sorry, I think there is something not quite right here.
I don't think the insulin is giving off oxygen.  That would mean it's 
decomposing, which I find extremely unlikely.
What could be happening is that as the liquid warms, it can't hold as much 
air.   Much like soda won't hold its carbonation in warm weather.
So, I think it's not oxygen, but it is air.  That, I find plausible.

From: Babs & Dave Moffett <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Sent: Sat, April 16, 2011 9:13:26 PM
Subject: [IP] storing insulin in reservoirs

Just had a local insulin-pumpers support group meeting on Thurs.  We had a 
Medtronic salesperson/educator.  She is also a pumper herself.  The subject of 
prefilling reervoirs came up. She said to NEVER store prefilled reservoirs in 
 the refridgerator. As insulin warms up it gives off excess oxygen. If you pull
a cold reservoir out and put it in your pump you will end up with air in your 
tubing and in you.  She also said she would not suggest prefilling reservoirs 
 for very long. The black ring is not made to stay wet for a very long time and
could begin to disintigrate.  When asked she did admit to wearing her sensors 
for 6 days but, said she would never wear an infusion set for longer than 3 
days.  She's seen too many problems caused by extended use. She also showed us 
the new Mio infusion set.  You can see it on the Medtronic website, if your 
interested.  It now has 3 sizes of tubing.  She said the new smaller size is 
really made for children though.

Diabetic 46 years Pumper 11 years CGM 3 years .
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