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[IP] VEO replacing Paradigm 722 and others in Europe ?

Hi all,

 Got the news today from my endo here in Europe : Medtronic is about to stop
producing (thus selling -at least in France and Belgium) the "old" paradigm
pumps. So everybody will have to change for the (more expensive) VEO - or go to
the end of their present pumps then swap to VEO, I don't know).
 It's a bit funny because three weeks ago I asked the hospital team if I could
trade my 722 for a VEO and pay myself for the price difference, because I would
really appreciate the auto-stop feature and got the money to do that (Just
temporary luck, I am not rich...) They said NO because the VEO is twice the
price and MM would not give them their "hospital" price" for only one pump. Then
they changed their mind because they got the news that the VEO has gotten
suddenly much cheaper, and the "old pumps" will be discarded...
 So it seems (to me) that Medtronic wants to get market parts with their (not
so) new pump. All the best for me ! At the same time, it has this strange
consequence that now we'll all have THA pump in that hospital. And that's
strange, because I am not sure everybody needs this kind of pump. We all know
the YMMV rule, don't we ? : My T1 is not yours, and a wide range of pumps is
what we need, not a "one size for all"....

 Then a question, after this info : How many pump makers are there in the US
market, now ? And what's the coming situation ? I see Dexcom and MM, Omnipod and
the (problematic ?) Navigator. Reminds me of the test stips market : I am almost
sure that the price for one strip has not changed in the last 20 years (I mean,
in "constant" $ or uros). The technology has been able to reduce the test time
from 1 minute to 5 seconds, big deal..,. OK, I'll stop my rant here. I'll have
my VEO in a month or so, just after 3 weeks holidays in the Isles, and I got
married 3 weeks ago... Could not be more happy, after all. But still wondering
about how this old world's money machinery works. Back to work in a month, so !

 Then I guess the next good surprise will be the Enlite sensor ? Hope they won't
"softwarely" cut off the 2 or 3 week's trick... However, my sensors have never
lasted more than 12 days. Another YMMV.

Jean VDR

 (yes, I got my pump free, where I live, but please let's not begin a political
discussion about the French system and the US one. There are other newsgroups
for that, and a left handed (or winged ?) T1 (that's me...) is not different
from a right-handed one, at least in this group ! And CGMS are NOT free here,
unfortunately. On the other side, pumps are given to T1 who need it badly
(brittle diabetes, hypo unawareness, irregular schedule jobs) and seem able to
understand the technology (or have people around who do, as in youngsters and
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