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Re: [IP] Alarms on the Revel

I have a Ping, and it also can be persistent at the wrong time. On the 
Ping, however, if I hit the OK button while alarming it takes the hint 
and quits trying to rouse me.  Since I wear my pump on my belt, I can 
hit the button without looking or being obvious.

Jeff Gamble
Big Bay Lighthouse B&  B
3 Lighthouse Rd
Big Bay,MI 49808

On 4/10/2011 12:35 PM, Jeannie Roseman wrote:
 > Maybe it's just the way my 723 Revel is set, but I find it the most annoying
 > pump I have had in 11 plus years. Even the clicking 507 and 508 weren't that
 > as I knew the clicks were going to happen when I bolused. I find my 723 seems
> constantly be alarming and always in social or professional situations even
> though I have the alarm on vibrate. What I dislike the most is when a sensor
 > reading is needed and it goes into siren if I can't get to it right that
 > Now I realize that I need to input the sensor reading to keep the CGMS
 > but it is not critical at that moment. It can wait and certainly does not
> to go into siren.
 > I am also disappointed that the screen is still hard to read particularly in
> areas where lighting is poor.
> Those points being made, I am thankful I have the pump.
> Jean Roseman
> On Apr 10, 2011, at 10:43 AM, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:
>>   alarms on the Revel
> .
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