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[IPu] Fw: [IP] Re: Medtronic Receives FDA Approval of Guardian Continuous Glucose

Hi All,
Len's view on a few things ...
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Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2004 9:22 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Medtronic Receives FDA Approval of Guardian Continuous 

 As is Usual, we hear again "Note: The Guardian system is not intended to
 replace fingersticks"..
 but, we then read:

 "Not only is the Guardian system an important stand-alonetool for patient
 use, the system is an integral component in the companys industry-leading
 diabetes technology pipeline. We are making excellent progress on our
 near-term strategy of integrating Guardian sensor technology with a
 next-generation Paradigm. pump, as well as our longer-term strategy that
 includes the development of advanced algorithms to create an artificial
 pancreas, said Scott Ward, senior vice president and president of
 Medtronics Neurological and Diabetes business.... Patients, however, need
 not wait for an artificial pancreas, as Medtronics insulin pump systems are
 optimal tools for diabetes care today.

 Yo!  scott !! ..... You're right.... Im Not waitin'

 you already KNOW my thoughts....... PLEH-EZE...... "spare me the
 indignities".. im hearin' "lots of hype"

 "create an artificial pancreas".. OH... we havent heard that more then a
 few zillion times, have we ?????

 Now, i dont know about you, but, i got enough stuff stikin' in my body....
 i dont need a New one, unless it will replace an Old one.... AND, is this
 the sameO-sameO, with OUT a readout....
 the previous CGM didnt have one, because they were afraid you might
 actually make use of it.....

 NOW, im not saying its useless, in any way, BUT, no readout, not useful to
 ME....just one more line, and one addition probe, not adding a whole lot of
 bang!!  (and, im sure the Buck is Huge)

 (On the Other Hand, im Sure that it Might be able assist the parents of
 younger diabetics, who are up most of the night, worrying)
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