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[IPu] Fw: [IPn] IP Chats.. John Walsh on Monday

Hi All,
John Walsh and Ruth Roberts (of "Pumping Insulin" fame ) have recently 
joined IP as members.  John is hosting a chat on the US IP site (see under), 
it will be the 14th for us ......  If you are interested in reviewing either 
the Animas IR1200 or the Cosmo, dates are also listed for these chats. 
Alternately you can read the chats in the archives later.
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From: "Rodney F. Mead, Jr." <email @ redacted>
To: "IP post" <email @ redacted>
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2004 1:04 PM
Subject: [IPn] IP Chats.. John Walsh on Monday

 Pumpers and Friends,
Sept 13 at 9pm EST in the Guest room IP is happy to host a chat
with John Walsh, PA, CDE the Author of  Pumping Insulin.One of the most
important books ever written on insulin use, Pumping Insulin smoothes your
path to good control. Come and learn about the the future of pumping
insulin, how smart is it or will be the next insulin pump.

You can email your questions to email @ redacted ahead
of time and we can get them to the Guest Speakers. Or --if you missed it--  
can read the chat transcript in the archives the next day.

 Your IP Chat Hosts work to bring you the latest information, if there is
something you would like to hear about please drop a note to
email @ redacted

 To view the transcripts, all you need to do is point your favorite Web
 Browser to:

 SimpleChoice Chat on 9-20-2004 in the Guest room at 9pm EST. Carol Duffy
Sales Specialist for SimpleChoice will talk about  infusion sets. You do
have a SimpleChoice in what infusion set you use; as they make sets for use
with all insulin pumps.

 Animas Chat on 9-21-2004 in the Guest room at 9pm EST. Speaker will be
Katie Walsh  "Getting back to Basics"  are you doing basal rate testing,
checking insulin:carb ratios, insulin sensitivity factors,etc.  We have
all(well some people do) the new "Smart" pumps but without a strong
foundation, nothing works properly. So even if you don't have  one of the
new "Smart" pumps you still need to understand how and why things work.

Deltec Chat on 9-27-2004 in the Guest room at 9pm EST.

Your IP Chat Hosts work to bring you the latest information, if there is
something you would like to hear about please drop a note to
email @ redacted

Watch for more chats soon...pump supplies makers, or maybe a mail
order supply! What do you want to hear about? What do you want to learn
about? Send in your ideas and your IP Chat Host Group will see if the
topic or speaker can be found to do a chat. If you know someone who
would like to be a speaker send me the info, please!

Chat Highlights have been added as a link on the chat page of the
This is a listing by topic of discussion of the guest chats for 2004.There
are a number of chats that have specific guests and topics. i.e. the new
Animas 1200, the Deltec Cozmonitor, etc.... These are listed by topic with
the date, guests, etc...

 There is a NEW link on the chat http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/chat.shtml
page for this page. http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/chat_highlights.shtml

THANK YOU to all the IP chat hosts and guest speakers for volunteering
their time and making these chats possible!


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