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[IPu] Fw: [IP] MDI or Pump? There could be a third Option

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Sent: Saturday, September 04, 2004 1:28 PM
Subject: [IP] MDI or Pump? There could be a third Option

While we all wait for the so called "Cure(s)" for the big D, the future
for insulin delivery systems looks promising.
John Walsh, the pumping guru who co-authored the book "Pumping Insulin"
is at the drawing board trying to improve insulin delivery technologies.
One of the concepts he is exploring is an intelligent insulin pen
(called a SmartPen) for those who hate being tethered to a pump but
crave the technology and feedback that a pump can give. The  SmartPen
would have a blood glucose meter at the opposite end and automatically
feed the data for bolus calculations (until a continuous sensor is
developed ?). It would include many of the features we have on pumps
today with some additional ones. Whereas I have been advocating the pump
companies close the communication loop between the PDA carb database by
either including the database in the pump or allowing Bluetooth
communications between the pump and PDA, John envisions both options
being included. He even sees a link to continually feed data to a
wireless modem so that your readings can be analyzed at a central
processing center to provide advice on your bolusing and automatically
feed the data to your MD. If they can fit this technology into a pen
they should be able to fit it into a pump.
 Sue Ann Bowling recently asked a question about how to factor in the
glycemic index of a meal. John is conceptualizing along these lines as
well with the "Super Bolus". Current pump technology allows making
adjustments in basals and ratios based on time of day. John wants to be
able to adjust basals and ratios based on input about the meal in
addition to time. If you eat a high glycemic food the Super Bolus would
shift some of your insulin from basal to bolus to prevent a high BG
spike (he doesn't explain how he would address meals). With all the talk
on the list lately about IOB, John acknowledges that IOB would have to
be redefined for this concept to work.
These are currently only concepts but with John's credentials I am sure
he can get the ear of some of the pen and pump companies. Then the hard
part, making all of this happen!

If you would like to read the full story and see animations of some of
his concepts visit
 P.S. - In step c of the SmartPen capabilities he mentions giving a combo
bolus. How could your give a combo bolus with a pen?
Dx'd 1967, Pumping since 1/14/2004 w/ Animas IR1000 and since 7/2/2004
w/ the Animas IR1200
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