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Re: [IPu] Extract from IP main list

On 9/29/02 12:35 AM, "Alan Reed" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> To members of IP-AUS & IP-NZ, I? have copied the following message which
> could be of immense value to the parents of children with diabetes, even
> those only days old. It could also be a suitable document, or source of
> documents to support a case or publication in your area. Why not use it vas
> an aid to update your local politicians?
> Local,State and Country, even the Prime Minister. The more we spread the
> news the better our chance of getting some action.
> Alan Reed.


As a further resource and just a fantastic pump story I must follow your
post with a Profile that was just posted on the main list:

Bridget Roe <email @ redacted>
My son Maverick was diagnosed with diabetes within the first twelve
hours after he was born.  He has been wearing an insulin pump since he
was ten days old.  I cannot imagine life without it.  He has always had
target A1C's, and is able to live a very normal life.  I am a registered
nurse, so I am very aware of what could happen to my son if his diabetes
is not kept under control.  I would recommend the pump to everyone with
diabetes.  I would be more than happy to discuss our story with anyone
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