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[IPu] Re: [IP] Question about getting a pump

> > Mary started pumping 2 l/2 years ago at age 7.  We felt that her diabetes
> > could be better managed by switching to all Humalog and not use the
> > unpredictable NPH.  As a Mom, I was tired of feeding the insulin rather
> > than feeding a hungry child.
> Today she is a great 4th grade, student council member, saftey
> patrol at school, violin player, soccer player and honors student. 
> It is sure a lot easier to accomplish this on a pump rather than
> fighting so many highs and lows.  
> Remember she is a child first, not  a diabetic first.

I couldn't resist taking this opportunity to encourage all parents of 
kids with diabetes to contribute a story to the KIDS page of the 
webs site about your child and how their pump has touched them and 
other family members. Think back to BEFORE their pump and how much 
hearing other success stories gave you encouragement.

Send your child's stories to email @ redacted

email @ redacted
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