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For all you geeks out there, I am not talking about Liquid Crystal Displays,
but instead reminding you about Lancet Changing Day!

Yes folks, this is the day that most of us remember to reset our clocks, and
even here in Texas I am reminded to "Fall back" the clock one hour.   But
then I never knew why I didn't "Spring back" in horror when I realized too
late that the clocks changed in March.   Anyway, everyone should know that
this is also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors,
even if you've already done it once before in this century!   ;>)

So all you anally-retentive types out there, switch those lancets out, even
if you have been keeping them sharpened with that whet stone it is probably
too short now!  Your fingers will thank you for it!

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