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[IPu] Re: Brittian? Brittain??

Hi Michael
I agree completely. I've seen a lot of changes in the past few years, even 
since I got my first pump about 4 years ago. I was definitely seen as an 
"oddball" then, whereas now at least the medical profession know what a pump 
is, even if they aren't all advocating them! Apart from Minimed Medtronic UK, 
whose 24 hour emergency helpline staff have never heard of an insulin pump!!!
But more and more people are getting pumps over here, and some are even 
getting funded for them by their health authorities.

> If I might chime in here. Di, you are very close to the "trees" so to
> speak.... I've watched for serveral years now from this side of the
> water and I've seen slow steady progress in the UK of the acceptance
> of pump therapy. You now have several centers that handle pump
> patients, that put youngsters on pumps and areas where funding is
> available. You're right it is very slow progress, but it IS progress
> nonetheless. The glass is half full :-) and the water is rising.
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