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RE: * Re: [IPu] pumps and eye problems

Well I hate to be the bringer of bad tidings, but if you are a brittle 
diabetic, the pump may still only offer limited improvement. For example, 
my BSL still jumps from about 18 down to 4 on many days .. and of course 
"it's not meant to". BUT my Hba1c has improved considerably, and all my 
standard tests (albuminuria, eyes, sensation etc) have improved 
considerably (or at least not worsened), so the endo isn't complaining and 
nor am I!! Having only one reading over 10 for the last 3 days is a great 
achievement - well done!

Just be aware it won't work miracles on its own.

I'm pleased you're having such a relatively good time with it, it's all a 
bit overwhelming at first, I know. I'm sure working with an ophthalmologist 
will help dispel any ongoing fears you have for your vision. Soon you'll 
wonder how you ever managed without a pump! Keep us posted, Kim :)


At 08:20 AM 29/11/2002, you wrote:
>Hi Tori,
>Thanks for the reply. My Diabetes educator here in Newcastle has arranged
>for my eyes to be examined by an opthalmologist this monday and every month
>thereafter for 6 months to track any changes. Started pumping 1 week ago
>yesterday. Aside from testing 8 to 10 times a day, what a joy to not to
>inject 4 to 6 times a day. Was starting to feel like a pin cushion for a few
>years there but I am feeling really good today. Still adjusting basals and
>will be for a few weeks(years) but in the last 3 days have only had 1 sugar
>over 10. As far as tube crushing goes I spent the first couple of days with
>my shirt out of my jeans but the last couple of days I've ignored the tube
>going under my belt a couple of times and have had no problems. Eating
>regularly and same portion sizes till I get the basal and bolus amounts
>figured, looking forward to being able eat when I want.
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