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[IPu] Hi people :)

Hi any/everyone out there.

I thought I'd write a brief introductory hello message to you all :) You've 
no doubt seen my profile. Fairly exciting stuff, huh? :)

I love pumping, and I've recently decided to finally try and get rid of my 
extra 15kgs (partly brought about by the pump, the rest by an early 
menopause and pure apathy!), so I'm getting seriously into exercise (but 
only low impact stuff, walking and the like), doing *something* every day 
or two, I'm actually enjoying it, which has surprised me a lot! AND I've 
lost 3kgs in two weeks (totally revamped my eating behaviours too).

I think I'm pretty much at peace with my diabetes after so long (and boy, 
wasn't THAT a long uphill battle?) and I am mostly a very positive person. 
I still throw the occasional wobbly over the whole thing, but I'm allowed!

That's probably more than enough blather from me for now... back to you lot :)

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