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* Re: [IPu] pumps and eye problems

Hi Kim

I feel like I'm jumping in a bit here (I can be a bit verbose, just tell me 
to shut up if I say too much, I won't be offended, i promise). I had 
extensive laser about 18years ago (whilst on an old pump) and went back to 
pumping in January this year after about 7years off it. I DID find I got a 
few minor haemorrhages soon after starting again on the pump, but nothing 
that required treatment (just those annoying 2 day spots, you know?). I 
hope your introduction was as interesting (and a little scary) s mine was.. 
don't stress, it all becomes second nature very quickly :)

I saw your post about the tube crushing too ... I am not slim either, and 
I've had no problems at all with tubing being blocked, so I think you'll be 
fine. The Minimed person has probably already answered that query for you 
now, anyway :)

Best of luck with it!

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