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Re: [IPu] unused insulin rule

The same rule applies to Novolog as they are mirror images with respect to
the insulin activity. Don't forget however that we are not thus what suits
you may differ from what suits me. Some find they can only use Novolog
whilst others can only use Humalog. I started out with the first edition  of
the book and have only just bought Edition 3 so I have some reading to do.
The first Edition did not cover Humalog either.
Alan Reed.
Hi All,
> Just a quick question on the unused insulin rule. I've been reading the
> ( pumping insulin ) and it only refers to Humalog and Regular insulins.
> been using Novorapid ( Novolog ) in my syringes and will almost certainly
> using it when I start pumping on 21-Nov. Does this rule apply to
> Or is there any variations. Can't find the article on the IP site though I
> do recall reading it there some time ago.
> Cheers,
> Kim
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