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Re: [IPu] tubing - crushable???

> Hi All,
> I will be starting pumping in about 2 weeks, did the paperwork last
> week, and have the first of many questions. How crushable is the
> infusion set tubing? If I have a site above the beltline and wear
> the pump on the belt, the tubing must go under the belt to the end
> of the shirt and then up under the belt again to the pump. Does this
> cause any blockage in the tubing ( I am not slim) ?

Pretty hard to crush. What will do it in temporarily is swim suit 
elastic IF you manage to get the tube rolled into a body crease and 
sit at the same time. This consistently causes problems for Lily 
during the summer (she is slim), but if she makes sure the tube 
exists the elastic away from a body crease (in back, side) then there 
is rarely a problem. I suppose that other thin elastics in garments 
could cause a similar problem but Lily has never said anything about 
it if that's the case.

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