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[IPu] Re: [IPz] Extract from main list

I couldn't agree more and my inclusion of the main list message was because
I have found the same lack of knowledge showing in even cities like Sydney.
Anything we can do to eliminate the confusion must be good.  The latest
advert by one of the 'Respected Groups' limits itself to the two extremes of
'Jelly babies' and 'Dialysis'. No mention of good practices keeping you in
good working order for more than 50 years.
Alan Reed. Admin.
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From: "Samantha Eastman" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 11:16 AM
Subject: Re: [IPz] Extract from main list

> I'm a little perturbed by the discussion of Type 2 diabetes, for a couple
> of reasons.
> First of all, the actual genetic basis of Type 2 and Type 1
> diabetes are different.  Type 2 diabetics may still produce their own
> insulin, but either not enough, or they do not respond to it in the right
> manner (e.g. insensitive to insulin)- so at base, it won't help to add
> more insulin!  It is important to recognise that there are individual
> variations in diabetes, and although I agree that "a touch of diabetes" is
> an inappropriate label, I'm sure that scientifically there are
> many "altered insulin responses" or "altered glucose responses" that may
> not form clinical definitions of diabetes, and that are certainly not
> understood, or catalogued and labelled. The drugs used to treat type
> 2 diabetes try to treat the underlying  problem, and there are different
> classes of drugs, some of which will be more appriate to some people.
> Some people will find that a mix of therapies (one of which may be
> insulin) will work the best for THEM.
> Which brings me to my next concern: that people aren't taking
> responsibility for their own healthcare and/or aren't getting the
> professional advice that they need!  Yes, increased education obviously is
> important (sounds like for some of the doctors as well as the patients!!)
> But at the end of the day, each individual does have to get off the couch
> and go to the class, or read the pamphlet, or watch the video, and put it
> into practice!
> I've had Type 1 for 15 years, been pumping for a couple, and I know from
> experience that the more time I put in, the better my results will be.  I
> admitted a long time ago that following a strict diet plan wasn't
> something I could live with, and that undoubtably has had repercussions
> for my diabetes control! I'm a grown up, and very well educated in what
> the consequences of diabetes are (I'm  a biochemist by trade)- and I have
> to take responsibility for my decisions! The pump is fantastic, and I
> wouldn't want to do without it, but I still have to put in the effort to
> keep that going too!  I get a huge amount of support from the Diabetes
> educators and specialists in Dunedin, but only if I make the effort to go
> to them can I get that!! :)
> Enough ranting, I try and do my bit to educate people I deal with (aside
> from the student teaching I do anyway :) and hopefully that helps.  I
> agree with Kathy, it's definitely a topic that pushes my buttons!
> Regards,
> Sam Eastman
> (Dunedin, NZ)
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