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Re: [IPu] British Situation

I have now read and digested the NICE document and have found it's contents
of no value.  It is in my opinion a typical document produced by a committee
of little practical knowledge of living the life of a diabetic. Their
consideration of the cost's arising from diabetes as a result of the
associated secondary complications is completely ignored. The only costs
they considered were the costs of equipment and visit's to supervisory
Doctors, nurse educators and dieticians, subsequently insulin pumps and
infusion sets came a poor second.  There was also little if any
consideration of the benefits to Quality Of Life and useful working life.
They appear to think  that the use of multiple injections of Lantus and
Humalog is as good as a pump any day and a lot cheaper. If only they had
spent the cost of their meetings and time spent in preparing this report had
been used to make pumps available to diabetics they would have done a lot
more good. This attitude is similar to that apparent in the inclusion in our
local Issues a notice of someone's research report of covering work carried
out with 27 diabetics with half (13.5) using Lantus and Humalog and the
other half (13.5) using an insulin pump.
Alan Reed.
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> Tori,
> Thank you for the reference. I have printed Out a full copy of the
> and will circulate a pricis of it in the next day or so. A brief glance
> indicates it could be very useful and maybe we should send copies to
> certain, if not all, members of both Commonwealth Upper and Lower houses.
> I will give a more real view in the next day or so.
> Alan Reed.
> > NICE, for those who don't know, is the National Institute for Clinical
> > Excellence.
> >
> > Their web page dealing with pumps is at
> > http://www.nice.org.uk/Docref.asp?d=58213  It's an acrobat document you
> can
> > access from there.
> >
> > Tori
> >
> > At 12:27 PM 26/03/2003, you wrote:
> > >Janette
> > >
> > >It seems the UK Govt. has just issued a N.I.C.E. report regarding the
> > >pumps, and if Alan or some other clever person can find the web site,
> > >could have a read of it.  Whether each individual county or health
> > >can financially cope with the suggestions, is yet to be seen.
> >
> > http://www.hypostasis.info
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