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Re: [IPu] Re: British Infusion Subsidy Situation ?

I'm not sure on exactly which sets are provided .. I'll shoot an email to 
UK list and ask soon (just busy talking with a member of my site about some 
issues she's having) ... and yes, reservoirs/syringes etc are all provided 
free of charge.

Sorry to be so abrupt!!


At 12:21 PM 26/03/2003, you wrote:

>So Tori,
>... define basic infusion sets ?  Ultraflex are not sold in Australia yet
>(as far as I know).  Tell me about Sils/ Comforts/Tenders (same thing called
>3 different things by MM / DIS and Animas).  I like disconnecting at the
>site (without extra tubing) ... showers are soooooo much better without
>"strangling yourself with tubing" ... besides showers are about the only
>time my  pump is removed (it's waterproof).
>And of course their syringes / cartridges for the pump are subsidised right

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