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Re: [IPu] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #359 - hypo unawareness

Hi  Heather

There is very conflicting evidence that frequent hypos (rather than one 
large one) can cause brain damage. There is also a recent study reporting 
that extended high BGs can cause memory loss as well.
High BG and memory loss: http://www.healthandage.org/Home/101!gid1=3240
Hypo unawareness and autonomic malfunction:
Recurrent hypoglycemia doesn't cause brain damage: 
and http://www.acponline.org/journals/annals/15feb96/diabetes.htm

I know there are reports out there that state that recurrent hypos DO cause 
brain damage, but I can't locate any!

When I had very poorly (actually NON-)controlled diabetes, I lost all 
awareness of both highs and lows (and subsequently ended up in hospital for 
a month with DKA). Now I actually make an effort, although I can drop quite 
low with no warning, I "tend" to feel a bit "off" at about 14 (although i 
was at 21 last night for no apparent reason and felt OK). It all seems to 
be very arbitrary, but again I think it may be linked to duration of 
disease (and previous very bad control).

I've not had the thirst with lows, although many years ago I used to get 
very thirsty at about 3pm and figuring it was an after-lunch high i would 
automatically bolus - and then go hypo (of course i didn't bother 
testing!). Turns out I just happen to get thirsty at about 3pm!

Anyway, hope that's useful ...


At 12:41 AM 20/03/2003, you wrote:
him he didn't want to see anything below 4.  He has gone on and on about 
your memory being destroyed with the number of hypo's one has (at least I 
remembered that) and how I'll end up in a nursing home having to be fed!! 
(mentally I thought to myself - at least I won't know!). They also did a 
brain scan - found I did have a brain!!! and was typical of a 47 year old 
female.  The consultant is not very much in favour of pumps, I don't 
believe he really knows about them either.  I've been going to him for the 
last 18 months since arriving in Australia.  I actually travel to visit 
another Dr that advises me on the pump - he doesn't seem to what to see me 
regarding the diabetes.

>If you don't have hypo awareness does this mean you aren't aware of high 
>bg's as well?  Because I don't have real symptons there either, and am 
>sometimes very surprised to realise I've reached 20.  Also I have 
>discovered that I frequently have got such a thirst but am actually having 
>a hypo.
>Does this happen to anyone else??

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