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[IPu] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #359 - hyypo unawareness


I was encouraged after reading your email, because I never realised we all 
have different symptons when having a hypo.  Over the years I have developed 
different symptons, and the latest - tingling in my right hand has been pooh 
hooed by my consultant.  But when I was seeing another Dr and I discovered 
he was a Neurologist, I explained my symptons and he agreed that because of 
the blood changing in acidity (I think) this would cause the tingling.

I have over the years become hypo unaware, and my consultant has encourgaged 
me to increase my bg level.  Over the past 6 months, I am now becoming more 
aware of them.  But what I found most interesting was I realised I had been 
ignoring my symptons before hand.  I'd been just too busy to attend to 
myself, or I'd just want to finish what was at hand etc.  I've begun to put 
myself first in this situation and believe this has also helped.  However at 
my last appointment he was very rude about the hypos I was still having and 
said the next time I saw him he didn't want to see anything below 4.  He has 
gone on and on about your memory being destroyed with the number of hypo's 
one has (at least I remembered that) and how I'll end up in a nursing home 
having to be fed!! (mentally I thought to myself - at least I won't know!). 
They also did a brain scan - found I did have a brain!!! and was typical of 
a 47 year old female.  The consultant is not very much in favour of pumps, I 
don't believe he really knows about them either.  I've been going to him for 
the last 18 months since arriving in Australia.  I actually travel to visit 
another Dr that advises me on the pump - he doesn't seem to what to see me 
regarding the diabetes.

If you don't have hypo awareness does this mean you aren't aware of high 
bg's as well?  Because I don't have real symptons there either, and am 
sometimes very surprised to realise I've reached 20.  Also I have discovered 
that I frequently have got such a thirst but am actually having a hypo.  
Does this happen to anyone else??

Regards Heather
IDDM 43 yrs, Disetronic pump 3 yrs

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