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[IPu] Planning a Survey ... continued 19/3

Hi Everyone,

I would really appreciate you getting onto Kate Gilbert (RealityCheck) I
haven't spoken to her in ages.  and your site would be good.
Thanks for the phone numbers for:
Dr Richard Simpson at Box Hill Hospital
Cheryl Steele at Royal Melbourne
Dr Neale Cohen at the Diabetes Insitute

Today I:
- emailed Michael Robinton from IP to ask about a survey.  (I recall the IP
system strips attachments). Someone on the US site did a survey and I think
they got people to email them off line.  I may be able to set up a page (or
something) for the survey online ... depends on "No 1 Husband" ... no I don't
have other husbands  ... he's just very good  (as in No 1) !!

- left messages at Minimed and Medical Specialties Australia to check on their
lobbying so far.
Vicki Trench and John Douglas are back in Sydney, Thursday and Friday.

- Rang HEROC (Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Tribunal) and the Disability
Discrimination Legal Centre.  Not good news I'm afraid ... told there are some
exceptions / holes in the Discrimination Act, where Governments provide
"special measures" ... like NDSS.  This is because of ... you guessed it  !!!
COST ISSUES !!!  It seems that Governments can decide to pay for a range of
things that are helpful to "most" people with a disability (not all).  Still
have to double check the www.humanrights.gov.au web page for disabilities,
there may be an issue still with the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal).
(I had secretly thought we could just go and "prove our case" with HEROC and
get things paid for .... no such luck) !!!

- rang Rhonnda Purtell (Manager NDSS) to ask about the agreement for NDSS and
how it operates.  Read the 46 pages and made some notes.

address or phone numbers).  IF YOU KNOW ANY  PLEASE FORWARD ....

I suspect that many Pump Users aren't "on the net" like us and will need to be
issued with surveys via Diabetes Units at Hospitals.

Thanks for all the good feedback,

Warm wishes and keep Pumping.

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