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Re: [IPu] Equity re Syringes ..... Survey ????


I agree and if you need names to lobby count me in

Beware ......the federal government will not officially acknowledge better
control and long term benefits for pump use because then they would have to
provide it to everybody that needs it

The descrimination line is more likely to work  in the short term until the
long term tidal wave of pump use hits.


2 yrs on minimed
Dr Ian Wright,
email @ redacted

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> Janette
> I agree absolutely! (I am in Qld, incidentally). We should *definitely*
> more subsidisation than we currently get... it seems to me that we are
> discriminated against for wanting to have better control (and by
> extrapolation by using less of the public health dollar over time).. and
> that doesn't even consider the quality of life issue!
> I have a few contacts in Canberra (mainly due to my site, which you and I
> shared very brief emails about some little while ago, and which we are
> hoping to gain some funding for some time this month ... but it has to go
> to Federal Parliament, so you never know!) and I have been assured that
> co-payments (ie. the amounts pump users will have to pay for supplies)
> *have* been agreed on, but there is a typical bottle-neck in actually
> getting it all through the system.
> I do not want to get political here, but I am fairly certain that recent
> world events will deflect attention of Parliamentarians from our issues
> other domestic issues)... which is unfortunate indeed.
> Perhaps you and I together (and any others with a desire!) can formulate a
> lobbying letter to be sent to politicians to push not only for pump
> consumables on NDSS, but also to push for  equality in simple supplies,
> such as reservoirs/syringes? It should be reasonably easy to publicise and
> make available at a variety of sites for people to use, if we can come up
> with something useful. I know some letters along these lines are already
> available at some sites, but the sites appear to be quite static, so I am
> unsure of their worthiness. Perhaps Alan has an opinion on this, or can
> supply some webspace?
> I suspect I am raving, but I am very passionate about it, I can assure
> ($5K I can't really spare has been spent on my website, yep, you bet I'm
> passionate!). Please let me know if/how I can help, because I'm right with
> you on this .... and anyone else? Please give ideas/suggestions/criticisms
> on this! Let's get this list happening! This is an issue that affects all
> of us, and I refuse to accept you are all sheep (not that there's anything
> *wrong* with sheep ...) You are all clever enough to have pumps, share
> thoughts!
> Tori (hopping off her soapbox... at least for just now ...)
> At 07:30 PM 18/03/2003, you wrote:
> >Hi Tori,
> >
> >I guess you don't live in NSW  ?  (Mind you the free syringes in NSW on
> >aren't 2.5ml.  The ones I used to use were 50u).  Rhonnda Pertell,
> >NDSS for Diabetes Australia says 100's (?) of letters have been sent to
> >Federal Government about Pump Consumables.
> >
> >I think it will take ages (personal opinion) to get most consumables
> >subsidised.  I just think we could run a good case that we are being
> >discriminated against by the current NDSS scheme/Australian Department of
> >Health.  If other Diabetics have their Syringes subsidised why shouldn't
> >?  Surely no matter what form of Insulin delivery, we should all be
> >to be sibsidised in the same way  ?
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >Janette
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