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Re: [IPu] Further Thoughts about a Survey

I certainly support the online idea, it is so much faster and easier for 
participants. I think using Reality Check would be very useful, and I'm 
sure Kate Gilbert would have no problem with that (I can call her to check 
if you like?). PumpOz has been static for at least 2-3 yrs, so I am unsure 
how useful they would be.

I would be happy to have it at hypostasis as well, altho we are an 
international group. We do have a number of Australian pump users so it may 
be useful.

As I said before, let me know if/how I can help.


At 08:26 PM 18/03/2003, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>A few more thoughts about a survey .....
>I thought a survey could be issued 2 ways.
>1.  On line.  Use IP- AUS so you could just go in and complete it and return
>it.  Ask "Reality Check" and "Pump AUS" to list it as well ?
>2.  Through major teaching hospitals, across the country.  eg.In NSW:
>Liverpool; Royal Prince Alfred; Prince of Wales and Westmead / Westmead
>Childrens Hospital all have Diabetes Units with Pump Users.
>I know that the 2 major Teaching Hospitals in Perth and one of the Hospitals
>in Melbourne have Pumpers.  (I know there are others ... but I live in NSW
>.... help me out) !!!!
>The value of getting Hospitals to issue, is the larger numbers of Pump Users
>and (maybe) getting Hospitals to issue surveys to users ?
>Do you know the names of Hospitals / Educators /Endos and phone numbers I
>could contact ???
>I think some values of a survey would be:
>- Numbers.  Just being able to obtain 100 - 200 responses about the same
>- Advantages  The abilty to document what people saw as the advantage of Pump
>use to them (better BG control; better quality life / health).  More chance of
>surviving until "the cure" ... whenever !!!
>- Comparison  The opportunity to obtain data comparing 2 different methods of
>Insulin Delivery.  (Life and control on injections versus pumps).
>We could obtain all this from people who ACTUALLY USE PUMPS and have "real
>life" experience in Australia !!!!
>Just a few thoughts please add your own  ........
>Warm Regards,

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