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Re: [IPu] Equity re Syringes ..... Survey ????

Hi Tori,

I guess you don't live in NSW  ?  (Mind you the free syringes in NSW on NDSS
aren't 2.5ml.  The ones I used to use were 50u).  Rhonnda Pertell, Manager
NDSS for Diabetes Australia says 100's (?) of letters have been sent to the
Federal Government about Pump Consumables.

I think it will take ages (personal opinion) to get most consumables
subsidised.  I just think we could run a good case that we are being
discriminated against by the current NDSS scheme/Australian Department of
Health.  If other Diabetics have their Syringes subsidised why shouldn't we
?  Surely no matter what form of Insulin delivery, we should all be entitled
to be sibsidised in the same way  ?



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Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 8:46 AM
Subject: Re: [IPu] Equity re Syringes ..... Survey ????

> I'd be more than happy to fill out a survey like that Janette, although I
> have my doubts as to how successful such a thing might be.
> One thing that really irks me (and has for YEARS), is the fact that IV
> users have been able to get free syringes and needles for well over a
> decade, and yet we still cannot. On my ancient pump I used standard 2.5ml
> syringes, so I actually went to the IV drug users support place and lied
> through my teeth and got free syringes (there was no subsidisation of
> *anything* pump-like then - 1990. Even the now subsidised Q-sets etc you
> can get through DA now were paid out of my pocket back then).
> Why is it that State Governments are willing to help drug users have
> sterile supplies (and yes, I am glad they do that, I'm a socially
> person), and yet they will not supply the same to people who are not
> illegally or injecting substances by choice (and i include all illnesses
> that require frequent injections, not just us)?
> The discrepancy really makes me angry, so if there is a way to force their
> hand, I'm all for it. I do suspect however that this will be a State
> Dept issue rather than a national issue, at least at this stage. Perhaps a
> "blanket" lobbying letter that people can access and use to write to their
> relevant health ministers as well as the Federal Minister might be worth
> thinking about?
> OK, rant over ... for the mo!
> Tori :).
> At 08:18 PM 17/03/2003, you wrote:
> >Hi Everyone,
> >
> >This term I need to complete some work on "Assessing Community Needs"
> >includes a Community Survey, for my Study Program.  Whilst I am aware of
> >lobbying about Pump consumables, I am really interested in the inequity
> >regarding Syringes.
> >
> >I find it extremely unfair (and discriminatory) that Diabetics who use
> >injections recieve subsidised (in NSW free) syringes; but Syringes for
> >are not.  Manually injecting I used 4 Syringes per day (or 32 every 8
days) at
> >NIL cost.  But as a Pump user I need to replace the 300u Syringe that
fits my
> >pump every 8 days AND PAY FOR IT.
> >
> >There seems to be an assumption in some DA circles that although lobbying
> >"progressing", I "choose" to use a pump.  I have responded that my
"choice" in
> >October 2001 was either a Pancreas Transplant or to trial a Pump to
attempt to
> >reregulate massive, debilitating BG swings.  (Luckily 3 minute Insulin
> >delivery and 11 daily basal settings has given me BG control ... and my
> >back )!!!!  So why am I being discriminated against in comparison to non
> >users ?
> >
> >So ... I have been thinking that I may survey Pump users about this
> >and perhaps some other Pump issues.
> >
> >Would you complete a survey of this type ????
> >
> >Maybe a 100 or 200 Australian Pump User surveys sent to DA and the NDSS
> >may "help" resolve this anomally.
> >
> >Thoughts and ideas .... gratefully received,
> >
> >Janette Dunn
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> >Assoc Professor Stephen Colagiuri
> >Director
> >Dept of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
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