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[IPu] Equity re Syringes ..... Survey ????

Hi Everyone,

This term I need to complete some work on "Assessing Community Needs" which
includes a Community Survey, for my Study Program.  Whilst I am aware of
lobbying about Pump consumables, I am really interested in the inequity
regarding Syringes.

I find it extremely unfair (and discriminatory) that Diabetics who use manual
injections recieve subsidised (in NSW free) syringes; but Syringes for Pumps
are not.  Manually injecting I used 4 Syringes per day (or 32 every 8 days) at
NIL cost.  But as a Pump user I need to replace the 300u Syringe that fits my
pump every 8 days AND PAY FOR IT.

There seems to be an assumption in some DA circles that although lobbying is
"progressing", I "choose" to use a pump.  I have responded that my "choice" in
October 2001 was either a Pancreas Transplant or to trial a Pump to attempt to
reregulate massive, debilitating BG swings.  (Luckily 3 minute Insulin
delivery and 11 daily basal settings has given me BG control ... and my life
back )!!!!  So why am I being discriminated against in comparison to non pump
users ?

So ... I have been thinking that I may survey Pump users about this inequity
and perhaps some other Pump issues.

Would you complete a survey of this type ????

Maybe a 100 or 200 Australian Pump User surveys sent to DA and the NDSS scheme
may "help" resolve this anomally.

Thoughts and ideas .... gratefully received,

Janette Dunn
T1 34 Years
gratefully returned to good health by:
Assoc Professor Stephen Colagiuri
Dept of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Prince of Wales Hospital
Randwick, NSW                 and an Animas Insulin Pump.
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