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[IPu] Re: D-Tron

> Do you have any costings yet Alan on the batteries and cannula-tube
> interface price?
Not even costs on the pump.
> Did they come around and see you?
Yes, the D-Tron Plus looks good, but no info re costs, will the health fund
cover the back up pump or exactly when it would be available. He asked me to
get my Endo to get the private hospital to order one for me there and then,
so i have backed out and will go for the MiniMed 507C/508 as a replacement
> How do I send away my Donation to insulin pumpers?
Direct to Insulin Pumpers in the USA. Info on the web site.
> Do you know when you are receiving your new machine?
As\above I am looking at MiniMed.
> They are not sure with me yet on the date.
> John didn't have the price lists yet either.
> I am doing my fasting adjustments now and just starting to be confident on
> how it all works.
> My Endo went mad when I said I was fasting to do my Basal correction?
> When I asked him what other way there is to do it, his reply was you just
> cant stop eating, I said that is
> why I like the pump as I have slept in 3 times with no headaches and have
> had no worry in skipping a meal except that
> my basal needed to be adjusted up a little and by lunch I had a headache
> my sugar went from 5 to 12 over that period.
> But today it was at 4.1 when going to bed and 4.1-5.7 from 4am to 12 noon
> today.
> So tomorrow I will fast after breaky to check my afternoon basal, I tend
> go a bit low most afternoons so I surmise I might need
> to reduce.
Youi are doing a good job training your Endo.
> I love the freedom and the normality it has bought me in such a short time
> in using.
> I want to get set-up quick as I am about to start Football Coaching and
> Umpiring by the End of the Month.
> I am sick of not being able to exercise at all.
> Regards,
> Paul Monk
> email @ redacted
> 0438504404
Keep at it you are almost there and I am sure you will never look back. 4 or
5 needles a day, no thank you.
Alan Reed.
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