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Re: [IPu] Continuous BG monitoring

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Sent: Saturday, March 16, 2002 8:23 AM
Subject: Re: [IPu] Continuous BG monitoring

> Thanks Anne, that's very helpful, I'll try the same formula. (I think you
> increasing by 0.1 of a unit, or 0.2, per hour.)

Yes, sorry about that I have sent another message regardng this ..

> I put on weight at first too, but in the last 12 months I have managed to
> a little. I found the difference was, like you, cutting back on the amount
> ate. Also snacking less, cutting out some fat, and walking 4 times a week
> friends (I'm the only one with a young child but she usually sleeps in the
> stroller).

It seems like we are using the same method here, I am glad  it is working
for you also:-]

> My insulin needs have come down too since being on the pump too, I was on
> units total /day, now its about 38 -42.
> I found after losing about 2 kg I could reduce my basals, but before that,
> when eating less I gave myself less insulin for meal boluses.

This is also the best method for me ..

> Also any sort of increased activity like walking, gardening, vacuuming or
> mopping would give me hypo's unless I put in a temporary basal rate of
> 1/4 of the usual hourly rate. (I prefer to reduce my insulin rather than
> more calories by eating extra carbo. to cover the exercise.)

I agree, this is one more advantage of the pump, not having to eat before
walking etc which always seemed to defeat the purpose.
Before becoming diabetic I drank a lot of juice so now I occasionaly drink
it before long periods of house work or exercise, as a treat, but yes I also
adjust basals.  Suspending the pump for walking works also as half an hour
after I am home they have stayed the same as they were before I left.

> Unfortunately I started blood pressure tablets this week, so now I'm also
> trying to reduce salt and stress as well!
> :)

Sorry to hear this, will the tablets have any effect on you levels?

No matter what we do there is always something else that effects our levels,
a never ending learning experience:)  At least with the pump problems can be
dealt with quickly and more efficiently!
Type 1, 11 years
Pumper 10 Months

> Lynette Wamsteker
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