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Re: [IPu] Continuous BG monitoring

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From: "The Wamstekers"
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2002 2:27 PM
Subject: Re: [IPu] Continuous BG monitoring

> >From what I gather (and I haven't been able to talk to a hospital contact
> yet), it isn't a wrist one but rather a machine slighter larger than the
> that is inserted by a nurse educator into the abdomen (again like the
> It takes readings every 5 minutes for 3 days (so I will be wearing 2
> for that time!) and after removal the readings are downloaded on a
> graphed out and sent back to the Dr. (I can't see the readings while they
> being taken).
> I'm hoping that it too will sort out my night time basal rates. One of the
> reasons I went on the pump is that it was suspected I dropped too low
> the night, sleeping through it, and rebounding anywhere between 15 and 20
> the morning (leaving me with a bad headache, blurred vision and feeling
> and tired all day). The pump has certainly improved that, but I'm hoping
> monitor will help me refine my night basals with more confidence. (At the
> moment I know I'm running too high overnight, but I'm too scared to
> the insulin in case I return to the days of sleeping through hypo's.)

Scary thought isnt it!?
Another factor to deal with is hormonal changes through out the month, these
make me have to change night basals more often than I do the day rates.
Certainly much easier to control using the pump but still difficult at

Thanks for the info, I hope you keep us informed of the results ..
Type 1, 11 years
Pumper, 1 months

> Lynette Wamsteker
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