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Re: [IPu] Continuous BG monitoring

Re Continuous BG monitoring whilst I have not been tested with it the
general feeling is that it is a very useful tool for checking that your
basals and testing routine is sound. There are some questions raised re the
accuracy of the results obtained but they are more than accurate enough to
give valuable confirmation, or otherwise, re for example your overnight
Basals. People who have been tested have frequently found that they have
been going low or high during the night and have slept through it.
The one disadvantage is that you have to wear it on your wrist virtually 24
hours a day and you cannot just look  at it to see what your BG is.
Alan Reed.
> Has anyone had the three day Minimed blood glucose monitor attached? My
> Endocrinologist today recommended I wear it to see what my 5 minutely
> are over 3 days after which they are downloaded, especially to see what is
> happening to my readings overnight. Any feedback would be appreciated. I
am to
> contact an educator at Box Hill hospital about it.
> thanks,
> Lynette Wamsteker
> Melbourne.
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