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Re: [IPu] FW: [IPp] Dexcom CMGS

Sorry Jenette this question may sound a bit blonde, But is the Dexcom  
a separate unit from the actual pump???
I use the medtronic minimed 722, Iv'e tried the CGMS from Medtronic  
(thanks to my Diabetic educator), 1st time I enjoyed it, but has  
issue's with dropping out, overnight. The second time I tried it,  
similar issues but also incorrect readings compared to my BG machine,  
So now Im totally turned off the idea, but this sound's interesting.
Thanks in advance for any feedback.
email @ redacted
Pumping since July 2007 (nearly 12 mth, Yah!)
PS nice comment to Chris too, I was happy to get my A1c test under 7%,  
for the 1st time in 15 years. Go the Pumpers!!!!

  16/06/2008, at 6:11 PM, Janette wrote:

> Hi All,
> This one is from the IP POP (Parents of Pumpers) list.
> It's interesting because they have tried another CGMS system.  So  
> you can
> read their comparative experience.
> Janette
> PS.  Still it's all "horses for courses".  It's not that unusual to  
> hear
> people on the CGMS list say "I tried it, it wasn't very accurate /  
> failed to
> often.  I've put it in the cupboard for a while".  These systems can  
> be very
> finicky and sometimes take a lot of time to settle in or calibrate.   
> Also
> plenty of failed sensors (which should be returned for replacement).
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> From: email @ redacted
> [mailto:email @ redacted] On Behalf Of K  
> Persov gmail
> Sent: Monday, 16 June 2008 7:14 AM
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IPp] Dexcom CMGS
> Hi David and Louis
> We started our daughter on a Dexcom a couple of months back and it  
> really
> has transformed our lives. Her A1c dropped from 7 to 6.6% in 6  
> weeks, she
> did her first ever sleep-over without us and kept between 90 and 180  
> the
> whole weekend. Since being on the Dexcom she's  had no sever hypos or
> extreme highs as it does track very well and even copes with rapid  
> rises or
> falls..
> The sensors are fantastic... Sarah has ultra sensitive skin and can  
> only
> wear a Comfort/.Silhouette for 2 days, she says she really can't  
> feel the
> Dexcom sensor at all. They guarantee them for 7 days wear but we're  
> are
> getting 10 to 11 days of good tracking.. After removing the sensor  
> after 11
> days, there is no red marks and you can hardly see where the sensor  
> was
> inserted.. I wish we could say the same after a site change. Customer
> service has been excellent also and there's always someone to talk  
> to and
> help.
> The sensor is very small and inserted at a pre-set angle (I believe  
> the
> Navigator goes in at 90 degrees and can prickle). Sarah can do the  
> insertion
> herself which is 100 times easier than for the pump. The small  
> transmitter
> then attaches to the sensor. In all its no bigger than an Inset or  
> Comfort
> and not susceptible to be knocked or bashed. It only takes 2 hours to
> calibrate and then needs calibration every 12 hours. We still test  
> before
> food and recalibrate every time we test.. its rarely more than 20  
> out and
> always catches the actual trend.
> The receiver is great.. it displays a graph of the result as well as a
> reading, so you get to see if a bolus is working or not. Its helped  
> us catch
> site failures quickly. You can set the high and low alarms easily..  
> we set
> the low at 90 so we can see by the rate of fall before she gets too  
> low,. It
> vibrates first and if left unattended will alarm after 10 minutes.  
> The alarm
> is loud enough to wake you up. We rarely get false alarms (as on the  
> MM
> Guardian). The receiver is about 4inches wide, but it's very very  
> light
> (unlike the pump) and can be worn or kept anywhere within 5ft of the  
> sensor.
> We leave it in her bed at night.
> I really would have no hesitation in recommending it and only wish  
> it was
> around years earlier. We fund the sensors ourselves, but I consider  
> the
> peace of mind worth every cent.. and we do only use 3 sensors (not  
> 4 ) a
> month and she wears it all the time, including for sports.
> Animas are working with Dexcom and next year should have an integrated
> system, which will be fantastic.
> Hope that helps, feel free to email me off list if you need any  
> advice on
> getting one.
> Karen Persov
> Mom to Sarah-age 11 (diabetic for 10 years), also hypothyroid,.  
> Pumping 5
> years (MM511, MM512, Cozmo and now Animas2020)
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