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Re: [IPu] SMH "Heckler" Article ... You Might Enjoy This ! .. Janette

 Ok I am a type one diabetic have been for 32 years of my 34yrs and yes while it
is frustrating that type 2 and type one are commonly mistaken for each other the
thing I find most offensive about the comment below is type 2 diabetes is not
always suffered by fat, lazy, pill-popping bastards I have 2 members in my
immediate family that have type 2 diabetes and none of them are fat or lazy
donut eaters as the article states below all were within healthy weight range
and very fit with extremely good diets it is just that pancreas wore out one
being my uncle who has worked very hard all of his life as a mechanic and farmer
and if anything on the lower end of average weight range and the other being my
dad who has also done the same neither were old as far as I am concerned
diagnosed in their early 60s and they are not a rareity in this case either
instead of blaming sufferers of a similar disease get in and blame the community
that should be educating the general public and government officials a bit
better such as Diabetes Australia and stress that they start notifying sufferes
that there are more than three general diabetes types that there are many more,
in this situation and catergorising types twos is the same as you are whinging
about being catergorized as far as I am concerned but if that is the way you
feel that is fine but don't drag the rest down either, the pill popping bastards
also have to do bloodtests and in some cases have to work harder at their
diabetes than a type one and I am not saying one is worse than the other just
saying no type of diabetic has smooth sailing and no one chooses to have any of
the types of diabetes who would if faced with all the side complications of any
Well enough from me just my thoughts.
Veronica Sorley

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Subject: [IPu] SMH "Heckler" Article ...  You Might Enjoy This  ! .. Janette
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 19:39:49 +1000

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Get the point, lazy: you're definitely not my type
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Terry Lee-Williams
June 15, 2006

I WANT to take one of my hypodermics and jab it into a few of you lazy,
doughnut-eating lardarses. With so many of you obese parasites about to drain
our hospitals of dollars with your Johnny-come-lately type 2 diabetes, a
random shot out the window has a good chance of accuracy.

Oh yes. I am cranky. Crankier than a diabetic going hypo. For more than 20
years I have lived with diabetes. Type 1 diabetes. The real deal. Four
hypodermics a day, five blood tests a day. That is 30,000 injections and
nearly 40,000 finger pricks. I have bled to earn my status.

That virus that attacked my pancreas has not slowed me down. I have travelled
the world, trekked mountains, kayaked rivers, built a house, fathered a
wonderful girl and gone to uni. I have built a career, kept fit and never been
to hospital with a diabetes-related illness.

I have paid my way. Until a couple of years ago I had to pay for needles that
junkies got free. I still have to pay private script prices for insulin
because Tony Abbott thinks it is funny to take the one insulin that works for
me off the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, but not put on its replacement. Yet
still I pay my taxes.

All of that time I have beavered away, keeping up to date on dietary advice.
That is no easy feat. While grapefruit and Atkins diets come and go, the whole
diabetic dietary world has changed. For 15 years no sugar was meant to pass my
lips lest my blood sugar spike (a hyper). All the fun foods were denied. And
don't get me started on the crap I had to digest from airlines. It made me
jealous of the standard airline meal. Then along comes low-GI food. Not army
stuff. No, the glycaemic index. Mashed potato is worse than sugar. White bread
is worse than icing. A normal, healthy diet is as good for me as anybody

So I have suffered for my diabetes. The only previous response from people who
found out about my condition was a slight sympathy and a request that I not
shoot up in front of them, or prick my finger for a bit of blood lest they
pass out.

Then you fat, lazy, type 2, pill-popping bastards come along and I am caught
up in the whole scenario of public health enemy number one. I am a leper. I
have diabetes, therefore I must eat crap and be lazy. I am going to cost the
health system a fortune. I am going to be responsible for taxes going up. I am
some sort of nasty leech that must be excised from society.

Get off my patch. Either get real diabetes and jab yourself into control, or
get fit. I don't want to be labelled because of what you are. Type 2 diabetes
was called mature-onset diabetes. If you are not old you do not deserve it. Go
away, get fit. Show us that you don't need a nanny, that you can resist
temptation. Show some self-respect and give me my respect back.
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