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[IPu] How are we?

Hi there Janette,
Thanks for asking about us all. We are quite safe here in Palmerston North,
although we have had some frosts and low temps overnight. Been a bit of a
challenge to keep warm, but nothing unusual for winter!
TV news has been interesting to watch especially the South Island with all the
snow and so many without power. Hard to imagine when one hasn't experienced
such extremes of weather.
I wrote a while ago about changing to NovoRapid. It has been quite
interesting. Over all I now take less insulin daily, have had only a few tests
in double figures which are rectified quickly - much quicker than Humalog did
for me. I am waiting for my next HbA1c and hoping for a good reduction. I did
have a nasty hypo the other morning - probably my own fault. I was 4.8 at
bedtime and although I had something to eat was probably not enough. I woke
suddenly about 5.15 am with cramp in my calf and when I tried to get out of
bed actually fell out, hitting my forehead on the bedside cabinet. I staggered
into the loo and then to the kitchen with Alex trailing along behind me asking
if I was all right. For some reason I could hardly see and instead of going
straight for the jellybeans I tried to do a blood test  - it was 1.9. I
managed to poke some jbees into my mouth and staggered back to bed and then
Alex obligingly brought me a hot drink and more food. I must have gone back to
sleep for a while and then at breakfast time I had rebounded up to 14.9. But I
had a very busy day ahead of me and was reluctant to correct it too much as I
didn't want to crash again. However I was okay again by the evening. I still
have a tender forehead! That is the worst episode I have had in 31 and !/2
Thanks Janette for all you do for us and also for supplying articles etc.
Always interesting to see what is going on and latest opinions on various
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