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Re: [IPu] NZ 'ers how are you ??

Hi all,

I'm in the middle of it - Ashburton, hit by at least a foot of snow, with 
some places more like two feet and more.  Luckily only 4 blocks from work, 
so have been walking even though I have a 4wd (I like snow, so 
walking/frolicking and shovelling are in place of gym workouts this week).  
We were without power and phone all day Monday...many of our employees (and 
the boss) are still without both.  Damage to trees and lines is horrendous, 
only a few roof cave-ins (luckily none at work, they did that last time to 
two large buildings).  Roads are clear during the day and horribly icy as 
soon as night falls.  All the pictures are pretty though!

Certainly an event like this makes you realise a) you can never be 
overprepared b) how unprepared you really are at any given minute for 
disaster without warning (it was only supposed to be a rain/sleet storm) c) 
how absolutely reliant we are on electricity (my flat has no gas, no fire, 
no nothing but electric).  Luckily the cellphone service was still 
going...but in the outlying areas everyone's batteries are going flat.

Sorry Janette, didn't go to Dunedin last weekend and am unlikely to attempt 
it this weekend, but will send off the manual as soon as I can get there to 
grab it.


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