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[IPu] Fw: [IP] question..

From: "Sarah Dowdell" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 1:54 AM
Subject: [IP] question..

<I have type 1 diabetes and I have a two year old child and want at least
> one more child, but it seems quite a few moms and dads with diabetes also 
> have children with diabetes? I was told it
> wasn't very likely to pass it on to our kids, but what are the chances, 
> and does anyone else worry about it, or is it just me? I am trying not to 
> be paranoid, but I don't want my kids to deal with this if they don't have 
> to!>>>

 I've been told that a male has a 1 in 17 chance (~6%) to pass Type 1
 diabetes on to his offspring and a woman has a 1 in 25 chance (~4%) to pass
 it on if she has the baby before she is 25 years old and a 1 in 100 chance
 (~1%) to pass it on if she is over 25 years old.  Circumstancial evidence
 that I've seen does seem like males have a higher risk of passing it on.

 However, like any disease that has some sort of genetic link, if you have
 the disease, your children will be at higher risk because you know that you
 carry those genes.  It's just that diabetes isn't fully understood and it
 seems that it takes both a genetic predisposition and possibly an outside
 (environmental, etc) factor to trigger it, so it's hard to say.  I do know
 that because I have diabetes and my boyfriend's family has lots of diabetes
 in it, we probably have a higher than average chance of having a diabetic
 child, even among other diabetics.  I haven't decided yet if this will stop
 me from having children.  I suspect it won't, but I'm not ready to have
 children yet in life so it will be a few more years before I need to make
 that decision.

 Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00
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