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[IPu] Fw: RE:[IP] Type 1.5 or LADA

Hi All,
Have included this one just to show how different each person is YMMV (Your 
Mileage May Vary) .....

Mark's BG on diagnosis were above was above 77 Mmols ... in short he's lucky 
he survived !
Many people would be deceased with a BG this high ...
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Subject: RE:[IP] Type 1.5 or LADA

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Subject: [IP] Type 1.5 or LADA

>Here are my questions for anyone diagnosed type 1 after age 30.

>How old were you when you were diagnosed type 1?

24 (is that close enough to "30 or over"??)

 BG at diagnosis?  ???  I never lost consciousness, but my BG was HIGHER 
ANY of the hospital's equipment could register... And the hospital's
equipment was supposed to be able to read BG ranging from 0 to 1400... And
ALL the lab's equipment said about mine was the word "HIGH", meaning my BG
was SOMEWHERE ABOVE 1400.  They guessed maybe as high as 2,000+ because it
took hourly insulin injections up to 100 units at a time 2 1/2 days to get
my BG back down low enough that the lab's equipment QUIT saying my BG was
"HIGH."  By the end of day 3 though, my BG was finally getting UNDER 200.

Did you have a "Honeymoon phase" and how long did it last?

 PROBABLY... But by diagnosis, I was most likely PAST that "honeymoon 
For nearly a year before diagnosis, I had had less energy than usual, but
mostly felt OK.  The spring before diagnosis, after always in the past
having been able to walk 10 - 15 MILES checking traps during trapping
season, without getting tired or anything, but that spring, I was getting
worn out to point of "I can't go on" after only 1 - 2 miles walk in the

 But I didn't start losing any noticeable weight until about 1 - 1 1/2 
before diagnosis.  Weight from Freshman High school year on, I had been
almost "locked on" at steady 160 lbs.  But in August 1991, my weight started
dropping from 160 last I had weighed myself down to 119 when my Type 1 was
diagnosed (about September 9, 1991).

As long as I had had symptoms I later traced to having been most likely
early unrecognized indicators saying "Hey, you've got a serious problem."
I'm guessing during that spring/summer, I was probably running on "borrowed
time" of what was left of my "Honeymoon phase."  And by the time of
diagnosis, I was past the "honeymoon period."

By the time my Type 1 was diagnosed, ALL the doctors at the hospital and
clinic were telling me that based on my blood test results, my family should
have been making FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS instead of being able to just stop at
the hospital to visit me...  The doctors said I was the ONLY person who had
EVER walked into that hospital with a BG reading over 700.  And I was the
ONLY one they had ever heard of who survived a blood test confirmed Blood
Acetone level EXCEEDING 2 1/2 PERCENT!!!  According to their experts, they
said normally blood acetone of 1 1/2 percent is considered "UNSURVIVABLE...
FATAL."  And my blood acetone was nearly DOUBLE the considered "FATAL
OVERDOSE" level.

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