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[IPu] Fw: [IP] RE: Type 1.5 or LADA

From: "Tricia Jane Edgar" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 9:19 AM
Subject: [IP] RE: Type 1.5 or LADA

 Hi Shirley,

 I don't quite fit the bill: I was almost 29 when I was diagnosed last year.
 However, I fit your profile. I don't think that I would have been diagnosed
 until this year, had I not been pregnant at the time.

 My experience of honeymoon, if there was one, was likely during my 
 and shortly afterwards. My A1C was only 8.3 when diagnosed, and since being
 pregnant really increases your insulin resistance, had I been a true,
 sudden-onset Type 1, I'm sure it would have been through the roof and I
 would have been in DKA. As it was, I had ketones but I didn't have to be

 I am fairly certain that I have LADA, since it came on fairly slowly, and
 there was a slow progression to more insulin over the first 6 months or so.
 I also have scads of antibodies. I think that LADA is difficult to 
 and my endo also said that I had Type 2 until I did the antibody test. I 
 fairly certain that I had Type 1. Both run in my family, however.

 Anyway, don't know if this helps. Maybe I am still in my honeymoon, who
 knows, eh? But at the moment my total daily dose is hovering between 20-30,
 a little lower than the average but fairly normal for a nursing mom 
 lowers blood sugar).

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