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Re: [IPu] Insulin Sensitivity After Exercise

Hi Dog Walker

I'll be joining the ranks when I pick up my new puppy on Friday!

 Anyway, for a walk that lasts longer than 20-30 minutes, I have to reduce my
basal for the exercise duration (run it at 0-50%) and for the two hours
afterwards I run at 50-80%. The variation depends on the intensity of the walk
and the duration e.g. for a one hour hike I'd run at 0% for one hour, and after
I have finished, I'd do 50% for two more hours.

I never touch my meal boluses!

 I find that exercise-induced insulin sensitivity lasts up to 24 hours in me. A
one hour morning gym session can cause hypos at 1am! I've heard quotes of hypos
up to 36 hours after exercise. The less accustomed to the exercise, the more
likely you are to hypo too, as the body uses glucose for fuel when you it is not
used to the particular exercise, and after a few weeks of regular (and same)
activity, it will begin to use fat as fuel.

> Out walking the dog for about an hour the other night.
> Hadn't exercised for 2 days.
> So I turned my Pump basal down, got my Glucose upto 10
> then walked and came back at 5.7 which I was happy with.
> So I cut my bolus by 25% for dinner afterwards (this usually
> works if I'm exercising regularly).
> No ... instead I hypo'ed at 2.8 a few hours later ... Ho Hum ..
> What do you find works for you in these situations ??
> I'm thinking next time I have been for a while, I'll try 40% bolus reduction
> for dinner ???
> Warm Regards,
> "Dog Walker"

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