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Re: [IPu] Extracts from V6 485 main list

Dear Doris,
I also had a meeting with my local Federal MP and met with what appeared to
be a warm and co-operative reception. It appears that he a friend of Guy
Barnett who I think does have contact with the ADA. I shall be making
further contact with him along with all those who represent me, or hope to
do so, in local, state and federal governments. If we shout as loud, or
louder, and in as many voices as we can then we may have some impact.  When
will they realise that what we want would save them millions of dollars. For
example my six visits to the eye specialists, plus one ambulance trip to the
hospital plus three visits to my GP and several path lab and other tests
must have cost at least $2000 and all of them were the result of secondary
complications. If only I could have been put on the use of an insulin pump
40 years or more ago I could still be free of them.
When we will get reduced infusion sets, or even cheap, or free , syringes
who knows, but if we do not let our political representatives know, it will
be never. There are at least 600 of us users in Australia and thousands of
other diabetics who should be using them in order to keep well and
productive and not filling hospital beds.
Alan Reed.
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