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Re: [IPu] Extracts from V6 485 main list

> Dear Alan,
> Regarding cover for infusion sets, I have contacted my local M.P., a
> female who came to visit me in my home wherein I showed her the
> infusion in place . She was quite impressed and wrote to Minister
> for Health, Kay Patterson. This didn't seem to have much effect, but
> at least she tried.
> Kay Patterson was on A.B.C. talk back  radio a couple of week ago
> talking about health, what
>  else and I managed to get an airing.   She gave me a good hearing
>  and
> sounded quite positive, for a politician.   She told me to contact
> Guy Barnett federal member in Tasmania, Senator I think. I rang him
> and he is a pump user and said he was working hard to get something
> done on this matter.
> I think all of us pump users and anyone else who wants to help
> should  get off their posteriers and speak to their politicians,
> etc.
> For a retiree on a fixed income the cost of these infusion sets is
> quite intolerable. You say it is under official consideration but
> how long does this take?
> Doris Millar.

This is the kind of activity necessary to get things moving. This 
list will help by providing a forum that people all across the 
country can use to co-ordinate their efforts. Activities like this in 
the UK over the past several years are beginning to bear fruit with 
funding slowly becoming available, region by region, for pumps and 
supplies. You are your own best advocate. Your words, deeds, and 
continual pressure for change WILL build up momentum. You must get 
other pump users involved and get more people on pumps to swell your 

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