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[IPu] Re: Exercise

Thanks for that Anne,your experiences have been very helpful. I used to
do both aerobics & weights & incorporate a little bit of pilates & yoga
aswell. I really enjoy pilates as you do, as it does not seem to have
such a strong/sudden impact on lowering BSL's.

Ildiko Kerry
Laboratory Technician
School of Medical Sciences
Bundoora Campus
Po Box 71
Bundoora 3083
Victoria Australia
Tel 99257348
Fax 94678589 
email @ redacted

>>> email @ redacted 01/24/05 10:16 pm >>>
I have been using a pump for a few years now and love many aspects of
it but
I still have  unexplainable highs that are frustrating. Changing
more often along with correcting for slight highs has helped, so I
continue this method.
I'm not sure if you are doing weights or aerobics or both but for
aerobics I
usually have half the usual breakfast insulin, disconnect for half an
to hour after that then do 40 minutes of aerobics (at home using tape).
of the time this works well and levels are around 6-7 / 5-10 minutes
Also I been doing just casual arm weights at home and havent found I
need to
do too much for them as its just five minutes now and then.
I also enjoy pilates and have found that it doesnt lower levels as much
aerobics so I only lower breakfast insulin by about a third and
the same.
Hope this helps. Like most aspects of diabetes its a matter of trial
error and what works for you, then again what works one day doesnt
the next, thats the tricky part:)


> Hiya everybody! Hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas & New Year's
> celebrations. I was hoping to get back into the gym
> or start exercising again this year. When I was on needles I didn't
> many
> problems going to the gym. I would eat a
> sandwich about 1/2 an hour before going to the gym & give my-self 1/2
> usual
> insulin dose & then sip on a lo-fat milk
> drink during my workout which kept hypo's at bay & then have a
> yogurht
> after the workout to avoid delayed hypo
> reactions. This worked while I was on needles & my BSL's were pretty
> then....but when I got on the pump about 15
> months ago it became a nightmare! I love pumping but I can't seem to
> the
> same control with exercising so I haven't
> been back to the gym for about 10 months. I've tried everything -
eating &
> not
> eating before exercising, reducing basal
> rates 1 to 2 hours before exercising, disconnecting & remaining
> but
> the result is chaos every time. A lot of
> times my BSL's would shoot up to the 20 mark & my face & chest would
> tingle
> &
> it wouldn't come down for a while, & some
> times I would plunge down to bad hypo's - so I gave up! I would
> like
> to
> start some sort of exercise again -
> either walking or back to the gym but I have become really scared of
> highs
> and lows. Could some of you please tell me
> what works for you & then I could summon up the courage to start
> Thanks
> heaps, I would really appreciate any
> information, Ildi.
> Ms Ildiko Kerry
> Lab. Technician
> RMIT:Anatomy Dept. >
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