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Re: [IPu] help needed - insulin not working?

Hi Vanessa,
I think you have two different problems.
The first is your Pump.  If it's saying "no delivery" yet you can see 
Insulin being delivered when you disconnect; it sounds like you have a Pump 
intermitently providing Insulin or it's pumping less insulin than it's 
programmed to do.  Clearly if the Pump is saying "no delivery" you have a 
Pump problem requiring repair.  Contact Medtronic and have a replacement 
Pump provided whilst they repair / service yours.

The second looks like an Insulin problem.  First try a new bottle of 
Insulin, just to rule out it having lost it's potency or having become 
contaminated in some way.  If a new bottle of Insulin sees no change to 
infusion sites ( lasting 24 hours and / or having a hard ridge) then I'd 
suggest you have developed an Insulin allergy / sensitivity).  Yes it is 
possible to develop an allergy to infused Insulin.  According to IP figures 
around 5%  (1 in 20) Pumpers have a problem with either infused Humalog or 
NovoRapid.  My record for site failure on Humalog was 1/2 a day.  I would 
end up with a red rash where the insulin infused, then a lump which was 
itchy.  But I have read quite a number of reports of lumps at the site  with 
site failure.  From my research and discussion with Novo, it is the 
additives in the Insulin that cause the reaction.  When I became allergic to 
Humalog, I rang Novo Nordisk  because I was worried the same thing would 
happen, they were able to tell me the concentration / differences in 

I found it took a week before my old infusion sites cleared up, but using 
NovoRapid immediately fixed the site failure problem.  Prior to Novo being 
approved in the States, US Pumpers would mix small amounts of Regular 
Insulin with their Humalog to decrease their allergy / sensitivity problems. 
If you want to try internet searches, try "insulin sensitivity" not insulin 

Warm Regards,
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Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2005 4:32 PM
Subject: [IPu] help needed - insulin not working?

> Wondering if someone can shed light on my problem.  Have been pumping
> Humalog in Minimed 507c for over 4 years now and not had this problem
> before.  Pump is functioning, I can see insulin coming from tubing when I
> disconnect.  Pump keeps giving 'no delivery' alarm with bolus and basal
> sometimes too.  I use tender/silhouette and have changed the sites 6
> times!!!!  I have tried using hip and leg area away from usual abdomen 
> also.
> My BG are sky high as the site only lasts about 24 hours.  I have 
> localised
> pain on insulin delivery and a hard ridge develops about 1cm out from 
> site.
> I have also been using humalog by syringe during this time to try to prove
> levels away from pump issue.  Can one become reactive/allergic to insulin?
> Can the body decide to reject all foreign bodies not matter where?  The 
> sets
> are not bent or scrunched when they come out.  I am getting fed up with 
> this
> battle.  Any ideas welcome.
> Cheers,
> Vanessa.
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