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RE: [IPu] help needed - insulin not working?


Don't know why the pump may be misbehaving, have you had it serviced at all?

I have definitely had trouble with bad insulin, where changing the insulin 
itself then works.

You can become sensitive to insulin types, but I think it's pretty rare.

Try checking the batch numbers on the insulin you are using and then get a 
different batch from the pharmacy- tell them you think there is a problem 
with the one you have.

Try getting hold of the manufacturer to ensure that an aspect of the insulin 
preparation for that batch was not changed from previous, eg. preservatives, 
purification techniques (sorry I'm a scientist) or materials, 
plastics/rubber packaging (actually, come to think of it, this could be an 
issue with the insertion sets too).

I have read quite a few reports that changing insulin brands can help, but 
myself I've had no sustained problems with Humalog.

Good Luck,
Sam Eastman

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