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Ildiko Kerry <email @ redacted
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Ildiko Kerry <email @ redacted
Hiya everybody! Hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas & New Year's
celebrations. I was hoping to get back into the gym
or start exercising again this year. When I was on needles I didn't have
problems going to the gym. I would eat a
sandwich about 1/2 an hour before going to the gym & give my-self 1/2 the
insulin dose & then sip on a lo-fat milk
drink during my workout which kept hypo's at bay & then have a lo-fat
after the workout to avoid delayed hypo
reactions. This worked while I was on needles & my BSL's were pretty good
then....but when I got on the pump about 15
months ago it became a nightmare! I love pumping but I can't seem to get the
same control with exercising so I haven't
been back to the gym for about 10 months. I've tried everything - eating &
eating before exercising, reducing basal
rates 1 to 2 hours before exercising, disconnecting & remaining connected
the result is chaos every time. A lot of
times my BSL's would shoot up to the 20 mark & my face & chest would tingle
it wouldn't come down for a while, & some
times I would plunge down to bad hypo's - so I gave up! I would really like
start some sort of exercise again -
either walking or back to the gym but I have become really scared of the
and lows. Could some of you please tell me
what works for you & then I could summon up the courage to start again.
heaps, I would really appreciate any
information, Ildi.
 Ms Ildiko Kerry
 Lab. Technician
RMIT:Anatomy Dept. >