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[IPu] How to Remove an Infusion Without Trying !

Attempt A

1.  Change your infusion in the morning without waking up properly.
2.  Apply infusion (sil / comfort / tender) on an upward angle close
to clothing line.
3.  Watch infusion peel back slightly, then remove itself in a day.
(All because you adjusted you skirt) !

Attempt B (even faster) !!

1  Go out clothes shopping.
2  Ensure infusion site is at the top of your thigh, uncovered.
3. Try on at least 3 pairs of shorts; trousers or skirts (especially
fitted one's that are dragged up / down your legs)
4.  'Oh ! That's interesting, I suddenly have extra tubing here .....
Oh, the infusion is dangling off the end !"

Fixes ... according to my husband ...

Attempt A,  "Janette at least drink your tea and wake up properly,
then you'll know what your doing !
Maybe the site should be away from the edge of your knickers.

Attempt B .... Don't go clothes shopping.

Fixes ... according to Janette

Attempt A ... OK ! he's right.

Attempt B .... don't go clothes shopping ?  Come on !!!  I like this blue
skirt !
(Instead, make sure your infusion is UNDER your UNDERWEAR .. the infusion
be dragged off).  I got my spare infusion out of my bag, inserted in a better
reconnected and primed the new infusion in under 2 minutes !.

Do I recommend any of these "removal games" ?
No, but if you can learn something from me being a "twit", you might save a
few infusions !

Warm Regards,


PS.  Besides the blue skirt, I bought a pair of 3/4 blue cotton trousers ...
they were on sale ....
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