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[IPu] Fw: [IP] Re: Lipoatrophy

Hi All,
The email talks about a condition where fat moves from the site.  Michaels 
response is useful.

 My son Anthony will be 4 next week.  He was diagnosed with T1 August 25,
2002.  He has been pumping since 4/03.  He now is having severe
lipodystrophy issues.  I am running out of spots on him because it's
like his tissues are
 "caving in". I have researched and am now blue in the face. Is anyone
out there
that can help us.  I really do not want to take him off the pump. We
have switched from humalog to novolog and it's still an issue.  Any info
would be appreciated.

Krista, worried mommy to Anthony. .

 Hi Krista,

 Have your endo contact:

William V. Tamborlane, MD <email @ redacted>

He has done research on this problem and may be able to shed some
additional light on the subject.



 One solution may be to switch to regular insulin in the pump. The
 insulin mentioned in the article above is no longer available, but that
 should not really make a difference.

 If you switch to regular, you will have to pre-bolus for meals because
 the response time is much slower for regular... and set all the basal
 rate start times back 30 minutes from the time they start now. Other
 changes will be very small and should not take much adjustment.

 Talk to your doc about this. Bill Tamborlane is a very nice guy and
 will certainly respond to your doc's query.

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