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[IPu] Christmas, the Tsunami and By The Way How's Your Diabetes ?

Hi All,

Hope your Christmas was good, I spent an unexpected week interstate,
supporting a friend with a family member's illness.  Then returned home, just
days before Christmas to find we had a Plumbing "disaster" on our hands.

Although it all seemed a "big deal" at the time, the unfolding natural
disaster in Indonesia; Thailand: Siri Lanka and India put it all in
perspective very quickly.  I remember driving my daughter to her casual job,
two days after Christmas and crying when I heard Paul Gardina's mother
interviewed about her son being swept to his death at breakfast in Thailand.
The Tsunami has been of such a scale that I now glad that she was able to find
him and take his body home for a funeral.  Something that many of the familles
remaining will never be able to do ......

Like most Australian's we have donated funds to try and help in some small
way.  The population of the area I live in is 210,000;
to think that more than 160,000 people have perished in the countries around
us is really beyond my comprehension.  I have also idly wondered how anyone
with Diabetes could ever have survived the aftermath of this devastation .....
but then in the Telegraph Newspaper last week, a photo  captioned "Australian
nurse helping Diabetic Tsunami survivor".  Sure ! I thought ... then realised
the Nurse had a BG monitor in her hand .....

As always when disasters unfold, you realise how important "the basics" are
...... health; safety; family; friends; clean water; food and shelter.

So for 2005, I'd like to wish you all a SAFE and HEALTHY year !!!

Warm Regards,


I have been "saving" some nice emails for you all (Ha !! Ha !!)   and have
been doing some research with Pharmacies and Medical supply companies in AUS
about options to make your infusion stick, since many products sold O/S are
just not available here.  I'm sure if I can't suggest something, I can find
you an addy to buy it in the big wide international world.

As far as the "Diabeastes" goes I've had 2 site failures over the Christmas
break, otherwise I'm fine ... what about you ??
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