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Re: [IPu] Do you count protines?

In my almost 25 years of pumping, I have never counted protein for carbs, 
regardless of the amount of protein, simply because they release their carb 
so slowly (about 4hrs). The improved blood sugars are probably because 
eating protein with a higher GI carb (like white bread, white rice, pasta 
and even fruits) cause the digestion of all the food to be slowed (so you 
don't get the peaks common if you eat a high GI food alone, which requires 
an immediate bolus).

A reduction in meal-time bolus (ie. only the bolus required for the carb) 
with a very small increase in basal at mealtimes (for the 4 hour period) 
should even things out a bit - although it may take some experimentation!

Test lots till it's figured out... I really hope this hasn't been too 


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>An interesting message from the main list.
>Any comments?
>All the best for the new year including (I hope) low cost infusion sets and
>Alan Reed Admin.
>Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2003 19:57:35 -0500
>From: Shaun Oakey <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Advice sought from those who count protein
>A couple of months ago I started experimenting with including a portion of
>protein in my carbo count, and giving an ordinary pre-meal bolus. My blood
>sugars immediately improved dramatically -- not that they were awful before,
>but many more of my numbers are now in my target range.
>My problem is, I now often go low after meals where I've counted the
>protein. I started out calculating that 60% of protein eventually converts
>to carbohydrate/glucose, but then, with the lows, reduced that to 50%. I
>also toyed around with square waves of various lengths (2, 2 1/2, and 3
>hours), and I go low less often but, if I do go low, it's later. The
>insulin-to-carb ratio works for no-protein or low-protein meals, so it's not
>like I'm just giving myself too much insulin in general. I'm not sure what
>to do next and wonder if anyone with more experience can point the way.
>Is there a common cut-off point below which you don't bother counting the
>protein? I don't currently count, say, 1 egg (equivalent to 4 g CHO) or 1
>ounce of cheese, since the effect on blood sugar is going to be delayed and
>minimal, but I'd figure it in if I was having 3 or more eggs, or, like last
>night, lots of chicken wings (8 baked wings at an average weight of 36 g and
>at 9 g protein per wing means 72 g protein total, and 50% of that is 36 g
>included in the carbo count).
>Do you have separate insulin-to-carb ratios for meals with protein and meals
>without protein?
>Should I extend the square wave beyond 3 hours?
>Should I further reduce the amount of protein I'm counting, to 40%, and if
>I'm still going low, to 30%, etc.? (This seems to me the least logical
>Thanks for any advice,
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